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Hello and welcome! I'm so glad that you are here! If you are going through a difficult time or looking for some support, I am here to help you develop the necessary tools and insights that you need to feel more balanced. I believe that you - whoever you are - have the capacity to lead a happy, authentic, and fulfilling life. I am curious to learn more about your story and I look forward to hearing from you.

Mirela Bitkowski, M.A., LPC-Intern

Supervised by Sarah Arnold, LPC-S

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Individual Therapy

Whether you are going through life transitions, feel stressed, depressed, anxious, or you are having a challenging time, therapy can help facilitate positive change and improve the overall quality of your life. We will collaboratively explore ways to help you feel more empowered and achieve your goals. I will provide a safe, warm, non-judgemental, and compassionate environment where you can go deeper into your thoughts and feelings and explore barriers that interfere with your emotional and mental well-being.

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Children, Teens & Family Therapy

As children and adolescents continually grow and change, they need to develop crucial social skills and emotional intelligence in order to lead happy and healthy lives. In therapy, children and adolescents can learn ways to manage their emotions and practice engaging with the world in a safe and collaborative space where all feelings and emotions are welcomed.

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Couples Therapy

Romantic relationships can be challenging at times and require hard work and maintenance. Couples therapy provides a safe space for partners to express their feelings, gain insight into the relational dynamics, learn new healthy ways of communicating, increase intimacy, resolve conflict, repair trust, and tackle life's challenges in a supportive, accepting and collaborative environment. Couples can also enhance their relationship in therapy by connecting on a deeper level while learning new tools and skills to apply especially when coping with stressful events.

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My therapeutic approach offers a safe space for people of any culture, ethnicity, religion, race, gender, and sexual orientation; therefore, in our therapy sessions, each person’s culture and background are important, respected and valued. I also have a special interest in multiculturalism and I enjoy working closely with internationals from all over the world. I consider the role of culture, environment and relationships to gain a better understanding and help you create a healthy and harmonious life.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.

— C.G. Jung

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